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St. Marys Fluids & Filters

Fluids & Filters

Engine oil cools, lubricates, and cleans critical components in your automobile's engine. The oil filter serves to sift out contaminants in the oil.

Maintenance and automobile:

Please refer to your owner’s manual for correct oil and interval guidelines recommended by your manufacturer for your specific automobile. Some manufacturers now recommend extended periods between oil changes, if you are a driver who drives under "normal" conditions.

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Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid, much like transmission fluid, is a specially formulated oil, in this case for use in power steering systems.

Maintenance and automobile:

The power steering fluid should be checked by a St. Marys AAMCO mechanic every time you have the oil and filter changed (and is included in the St. Marys AAMCO's ProtectCheck). Please refer to your owner's manual for the power steering fluid recommended by your manufacturer for your specific automobile.

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